Getting started

Its funny what you think of when you’re running, most of the time its that thought of how boring this activity is, what am I going to eat after, or how is time going so slow that this feels like forever.  Well I had a lot of time to think when I was running between Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson on the Pacific Crest trail. This was not just a quick hour jog to cool off and stretch the legs from the bumpy fire road to get to Ollalie Lake, no this was a 100 mile race.

In prespective, yes that is far, I know… I ran it… well walked a bit. But it did not come easy, there was a good amount of research that went into it and a significant trial and error. But I finished the race and had a wonderful time with the greatest crew.

Justin, Me, Tyler, and Chelsea at the finish line
Justin, Me, Tyler, and Chelsea at the finish line

After the race we split off in separate directions, Justin drove me to Bend to meet with my parents who had unfortunately got a condo on the third storey without an elevator. Justin was kind enough to fireman carry me to the room since my legs didn’t want to move another foot.

Anyway back to why Im starting this, I wanted a way to share my weekly experiences with the training process for the 200 miler Im doing in September, my weekend endeavors, and the anything else I want to write about.

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