Rain, track, a little slippage?

So yeah reading the title you’re probably thinking that it all kind of falls together. Well unfortunately that is not the case. Rain, we can start there. Its has been completely dumping the past couple months in California and that is awesome! We need it, regardless of what our possible fire danger could be this summer (fingers and toes crossed that doesn’t happen again).

I’ve been thinking and talking with friends and other runners who are running races this spring this summer in higher elevations and damn we are going to have to really practice those snow climbs. I’m fine with snow during the Broken Arrow 52k, I think that adds to that race. I’m super stoked that it is looking like a stacked race with a lot of elite athletes, which will be really cool to see their race dynamics. My main hesitation is during the Tahoe 200, I know its in September but its the uncertainty that Ill be feeling at mile 179 and trekking through snow… woof (Buzzs’ girlfriend). Overall its going to have to come down to specificity closer to the date and that will also give me a better idea on the whole approach. And who knows the snow could melt quickly pending how hot it gets!

On to the other topics. I joined the Santa Cruz Track Club this month. I unfortunately missed last week due to a shitty sickness. But I made it this Wednesday. At first I was really hesitant on going, thinking everyone is going to be track/road athletes and they will be confused why I am joining. Also I was a bit uncomfortable with just meeting new people… But you have to put yourself out there and Im trying to do that more often and I think that is one of my biggest why’s on why Im doing ultra’s. I got to the Soquel High track and was greeted by some wonderful people and was quickly involved in running conversations, I have been looking for a community to talk about running as I’m sure my coworkers and friends are getting exhausted about it. We started our warm ups and the coach of the track club was directly fixed on me giving me step by step instructions on the warm ups. When he critiqued my movement, in my mind I was thinking he was being an asshole. I had a second thought and realized this is exactly why I signed up for this, to be critiqued and to be coached to become better. So I embraced what he was saying. The track workout went well and I definitely feel like this will be better for my overall biomechanics and just increasing speed.

Alright lets get to the slippage. Can I repeat myself with a woof? I hope by now you understand where Im coming from with the woof. But slippage does not have to do with rain. I think it relays back to me being sick last week and maybe having too much Indian food the night before. Are you getting where this is going? Well typical morning, I drove to work to get some of our pinnacle machines calibrating while I go for my hour run. I have a pretty typical route where its mainly on roads and ends at a trail where I do an out and back type run. I was getting pretty close to the turn around point and yeah had to fart. Well it was a shart… bummer right? But if training for these races has taught me anything its to adapt. So at the turn around I took care of the situation and started heading back towards the shower at work. For some reason it felt as if it was walk your dog day, everyone and their mothers (literally) were walking their dogs. I could only imagine they are looking at the back of my legs as Im running away thinking how covered with mud my calves are (also maybe wasn’t a shart, and not the whole calf). But lets just say that track practice helped me with my splits and I made it to the shower before everyone else showed up to work.

Coming up this weekend, hill repeats with track club. Long run on Sunday, trying to figure out if I want to go for location or just finish the damn run. Up in the air, thanks for reading.

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