Holy Toledo

As you can tell its been awhile. I’ve been kind of overloaded with life the past couple weeks and have not had a chance to catch up. On top of running volume increasing to prepare for the Jemez 50 (which is tomorrow), work has been insane and I’d been adjusting to another work schedule. But Im back just like all the Disney movie remakes. Any way Im preparing this morning to fly out to Santa Fe, I would say this is the strongest my legs have ever felt. I do feel worried about the elevation and lack of air. I was not able to do the high altitude training I wanted due to me forgetting my running shorts or any shorts in that case. Running in Carharts definitely wouldn’t have fun, but I wouldn’t have been short of fuel storage.

Ill give you a couple updates on the past couple weeks. They definitely tested consistency and being able to adapt to situations. After I had to ditch my plan for running on a closed mountain pass road I headed back home to Santa Cruz and focused on fuel timing. It was pretty much what I expected I just wanted to solidify my plan. The coastal trail run was spectacular the flowers were at full force and I was able to get out early enough that I had the trail to myself. Pretty plain and simple run.

Easter Sunday I was able to get out with friends who followed me on their bikes. I was able to beat them to the top of a 13 mile hill climb and chat with some other folks who were spectating the ocean view. I continued up the hill climb and right before The Wall, the Easter Bunny had left a chocolate rabbit right in the middle of the trail with a nice letter for whoever stumbled upon it. Score… it was fully melted by the time I got back to the car.

The past two weeks I’ve been running at work and I can’t go into much detail other then we have trails on our work campus and the Strava mapping looks like a turtle.

A friend who I’ve been pestering to come down from Oregon finally made it. It was nice to have a cross training day, I hadn’t been able to get on my mountain bike since November so it was great to finally ride with her and show her the local trails. It was nice to go faster on the trails that I normally run.

Anyways that’s all I got for you at the moment, quick catch up. I’ll be back after the Jemez 50 with a trail report.

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